Here are some podcasts I stumbled upon while researching topics of my interest. The podcasts come from a wide range of sources. See if any of them capture your imagination.  Just press play and listen at your leisure 🙂

Dow  does diet affect your mood?

Food and Mood

How do social and economic circumstances affect mental health?

Does mental ‘illness’ exist?

How can we face adversity in the most effective ways?

To endure

How can we set goals to ensure they are achievable?

Woop, there it is! 4 steps to achieve your goals

How could you include more play in your life to boost your creativity and problem solving?

Press Play

What are the key features of leaders that create engagement in the workforce?

Leadership in mind

What are the moral and psychological implications of a speedy lifestyle?

Is Speed Worth the Moral Cost?

How could your life be enriched by slowing down?

Slowing Down

How could we approach various types of love and make sense of them?

How We Love


How to go beyond who we are as biological organisms? Can we surpass free will?

Neuroscience, consciousness, and leadership

What are the origins of shame and possible ways of dealing with it?

Shame: the ups and downs

How can appreciation and gratitude transform us?

Approaching With Kindness

Why is compassion so vital to our wellbeing?

The science of compassion

How does compassion focussed therapy work?

The power of compassion

Why is lonelines bad for you?

Loneliness – a social pain

What is the connection between body and mind?

Health in body and mind



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