Part of my professional development involves writing articles and presenting my work at conferences. I am interested in themes around education, counselling and intercultural psychology.

You are welcome to access my articles below.

“Formal and Informal
Use of TA Counselling
in Education.”

(Edukacyjna Analiza
Transakcyjna, 6, 67–85).

Jusik, P. (2017)

“Passivity in Education”.

(International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice 12(1):25-34)

Jusik, P. (2021)

“Strokes, games and
learning in groups”.

(Edukacyjna Analiza
Transakcyjna, 7).

Jusik, P. (2018)

“Cross-cultural Study of Teacher Passivity through the Lens of Educational Transactional Analysis “.

(European Research Studies Journal,  XXIV)

Jusik, P., Pierzchała, A., Widawska, E., (2021)

“Making a Difference in Guatemala”.

(The Script 2019, 11, 5-7).

Jusik, P. (2019)

“Transactional Analysis Proficiency Awards for Teacher and Educators in Guatemala”.

(The Script 2021, 10, 4-6).

Jusik, P. (2021)

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