Welcome! My name is Piotr Jusik.

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You may be feeling lost, wondering what is going on, or experiencing self-doubt around who really are? Perhaps you moved countries, and it has triggered feelings you would like to explore? It may be the case that you would like to grow, both personally and professionally?

I am a therapeutic counsellor, coach, group facilitator, supervisor and trainer educated in the modality of transactional analysis, assisting adults and young people with various mental health challenges. Having worked both in private practice and in the UK National Health System, I have successfully helped my clients struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, stress, changing jobs, moving to a new country as well as facing anger problems, loneliness and low self-esteem.

I have a wealth of experience both professionally and personally, which allows me to have empathy and provide the tools to support you as you work through what is painful, so that you can find your untapped skills and abilities which will ultimately help you move into a happier mindset.

As a fluent speaker of English, Polish, Spanish and French, I support a diverse range of international clients. I have been working globally with individuals and groups since 2011. This is long enough to realise that people around the world need belonging and engagement to be truly well. Your culture will influence how these get met, and that’s what I specialise in.

I would like the world to be a better place for all of us – that is my purpose in life.

Yes, I have many letters behind my name, but what really matters if I am fully present, aware, focused and compassionate to assist people like you to feel better, grow and develop in your own way. I offer coaching and counselling both online and face to face.

I love travelling off the beaten track, studying languages and psychology, cycling and cooking.

My clients mostly come from international environments.
I have offered my services to individuals and groups from
the UK, Poland, France, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala,
India, USA, Canada and the Middle East.



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Relationship skills in senior care

Informal counselling skills
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Women’s Day Street Coaching

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