The online modules will cover the following topics:

1. Why do we go abroad?
2. Culture shock
3. Different cultural worldviews
4. Intercultural sensitivity
5. Cultural dimensions
6. Cultural Life Positions
7. Structures & dynamics of culture
8. Values and beliefs
9. Power and privilege
10. Putting it all together

More details

  • 10 online modules (each 22 min) that you can access at your own pace from September
  • you need to complete all the modules to acess the workshop
  • each module will contain an exercise, theory and Q&A embedding the ideas into day to day challenges of cultural transition, inclusion and diversity awareness
  • final compulsory workshop delivered to a diverse international audience
  • opportunity for a heart-felt connection with people like you, who want to make this world a better place.

The online workshop will be on the 15th of October at 8AM Guatemala time, 15PM UK time, 16PM EUR time via Zoom.

The first 10 participants pay £45 which includes:

  • a 20 min FREE coaching session
  • access to 10 online modules
  • 3 hour international workshop

The next 10 participants will pay £60.

Thereafter the regular price will be £90.

If the PayPal button is still on the website, it means there are still places available on offer.



£ 60



£ 90