I offer personal and professional workshops in the following areas:

  • career development
  • leadership
  • personal power and resilience
  • managing emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • coaching skills
  • confidence building
  • communication skills
  • diversity awareness

If you would like to arrange workshops or training delivery, the process usually looks like this:

  • We have an initial conversation to identify development needs
  • I propose an outline of the session(s)
  • You comment on the content and process so that I understand your expectations
  • I reflect on your input
  • We agree on the approach, workshop delivery methods and performance indicators
  • I deliver the programme taking account of the participants, you and myself
  • We evaluate the workshop using the agreed performance indicators
  • I coach you to implement the learning resulting from training delivery

As a workshop facilitator I stress the value of:

  • clear contracting
  • responding to the participants’ needs as they arise
  • having a long term impact on the participants

You are welcome to contact me to discuss your situation and identify your training needs.

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