Coaches usually specialise in areas based on their prior experience. I worked in special and international education as well as universities. As a coach, I draw on my education and counselling background to strengthen your self-awareness which boosts your goal achievement.

Career coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your job or chosen career? I can assist you in working out your professional identity. When you get a better understanding of who you are, you will be able to decide about your future.

Work transition support

Are you transitioning from one role to another? This can be challenging. I can offer you coaching during this period to develop confidence and competence that you will bring to your new position.

Confidence building

Are you doubting yourself way too much? We all have moments of doubt, but this is about keeping the right balance. I can work with you to crack what is holding you back. This will take time and it is worth it.

Youth coaching

Is your teenage child confused about their future? Young adults sometimes need greater clarity about their educational and life goals. I offer coaching for teenagers and young adults to help them shape their future.

Teacher coaching

Are you sometimes overwhelmed in your teaching or training role? Managing groups and various learning styles can be tricky at times. I run coaching workshops for teachers as well as one-to-one sessions.

Communication and interpersonal skills coaching

Do you find it difficult to express yourself as you would like to? Daily communication can be a minefield or a clear and effective exchange. I use Transactional Analysis to enhance your interpersonal skills.

Presentation skills

Would you like give compelling and effective presentations? It may be important in your role. I combine my teaching and training experience to coach you to have a greater impact on your audience.

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