Piotr Jusik

coach – cousellor – group facilitator

I am Polish and my curious spirit pushed me over the years to live in several countries, such as the UK, France, USA and Guatemala. That is how intercultural issues became important to me. Alongside my work as a special education teacher, I trained in Transactional Analysis Counselling and in Leadership and Executive Coaching. My clients usually come from international environments. I have offered my services to individuals and groups from the UK, Poland, France, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala, India and the Middle East. Currently, I have a coaching and counselling practice, working both online and face to face. Apart from work, I enjoy travelling, languages, cycling and cooking.

What would you like to focus on today?

achieve your goals through awareness
find balance & improve wellbeing
build and develop your team


“The work we have done together has helped me find openness to explore and untangle my inner self. Thanks to the sessions and resources Piotr has shared with me I have a new understanding of myself and got the most valuable lesson of being kind, empathetic and compassionate towards myself. Thank you!”


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