Peter Jusik

Coaching and Counselling

Flow is about being who you are.


Effective emotional leadership

One of the most difficult tasks for leaders is to harness the forces of competition and co-operation that exists within their workforce to ensure that everyone is working effectively towards the same goal. This workshop is intended to provide leaders with enhanced influencing skills through their awareness of group behaviours and processes. Participants will be presented with a number of Transactional Analysis concepts to work through and will gain an understanding of the Ego States model. They will acquire effective techniques to relate to employees in a variety of situations. The session has a mix of theory and practical learning to help leaders create space to think about the problems they encounter and structure their responses in a more meaningful way.

Career script

The workshop is aimed at people who are about to embark on their professional journey. It will enable you to clarify your life goals and your future career. Ideally, by the end of the session you will be able to identify your values and strengths and you will start to create a vision that is in line with your beliefs.

You will explore your natural abilities in view of your early childhood memories and try to find the very first components that gave rise to your career script. Having discovered some tendencies, you will turn towards building a future where there is space for joy, social contact, self-nurture and reflection. You will dream about exciting journeys and use this to explore your own uniqueness. Then you will concentrate on the very fabric of your life looking at some core questions such as “Why am I here?”, “What roles do I have?” and “How would I like to be remembered?” Finally, you will see how these pieces of the jigsaw fit together and how can you set some robust goals that are aligned with your beliefs. You will have a chance to investigate how your life has been progressing and raise your awareness concerning the options you have. You may be very pleased and reconfirm the choices you have made so far or you may start to evaluate the direction in which you are heading. In any case, you will be invited into a secure space where you can rethink some aspects of your life that may be particularly important to you at the moment.

Career, power, resilience

What are the themes in your life as it unfolds? Whether you are aware of it or not, there are some self-actualising tendencies that shape the outcomes of your life.

This workshop is an opportunity for you to explore the unconscious assumptions around your career path. It is an invitation to create a more coherent view of yourself and discover your hidden talents. You will become more acutely aware of your strengths and the choices you have in front of you.

Once you clarify your self-image, you will consider your own use of personal power. The session will enable you to stay alert when your potency is questioned. You will also have a chance to discover your own resources in situations that belittle you and invalidate your thinking.

Lastly, the workshop will provide you with a supportive space where you can boost your tolerance for adversity. The aim is to develop your resilience and find the underlying factors that enable you to keep going despite the difficulties that you may encounter.

Dealing with emotional and behavioural difficulties

This workshop is for people who want to become more aware of the emotional difficulties that arise when they deal with challenging people and situations. You will gain awareness and strategies to cope with a variety of difficult scenarios as they occur.
During the workshop we will consider the following areas:

  • How do you react to challenging behaviour and what does it trigger in you?
  • Transference – why are some people so determined to behave in certain ways?
  • Creating a containing environment – what is your role in relation to difficult emotions?
  • Strategies for understanding and directing behaviour – what can be done realistically?
  • Practice, practice, practice – discovering your style of handling uneasy situations.

A group can be like a living organism or sometimes like a wild beast and it is important for you to know how to tune into what is happening and create a good environment for growth. The workshop is a mixture of theory and experiential learning. Dealing with emotional difficulties invites a lot of automatic responses. As a result of the workshop, you will start building your own strategies for successful leadership. You will learn how to identity your personal triggers and how to draw emotional boundaries. You will also gain understanding of how to use your power and rank as a group leader and deal with feelings that might emerge in the groups you facilitate.

Introduction to coaching skills

Do you lead, manage, motivate or support people in a professional context? Would you like to become more effective in facilitating the development of those around you? This session is designed to equip you with basic coaching skills that can be useful in increasing individual and group performance.

This workshop will increase your awareness of yourself in relation to others. As a change agent you are using a valuable instrument – your mind – to promote growth. It is therefore important that you can use it wisely and effectively.

As you become more mindful of the impact you have on others we will practise a number of techniques that are useful in managing tricky interpersonal situations. Human development can often be unpredictable and frustrating. Your ability to manage this lies at the core of your coaching skills. That is why your emotional maturity combined with the most appropriate methods can determine the success of your interventions.

We will also explore the subtle balance between support and challenge. Coaching can be an inspiring experience provided you and your coachee are clear about the purpose of the process. This session aims to strengthen your ability to work collaboratively with your coachee and make your co-created agenda a reality.

Confidence building

Confidence is not about a permanent state of being able to assert yourself. It is more of an art of attending to your feelings and seeing them as important indicators of your needs. True confidence stems from your sense of relationship with yourself and how you honour yourself throughout the day. This means being open to your inner dialogue and allowing it to be supportive rather than dismissive or critical.

During this workshop you will take a closer look at how you relate to yourself. You may discover that by acknowledging all aspects of your experience you have more choice over who you are and how you come across. The session will also strengthen your sense of responsibility for creating relationships that give you a feeling of nourishment and ease.

We will be learning experientially to give you a felt sense of the concepts presented throughout the workshop. That involves dipping into the nitty-gritty of the story you bring into the session and allowing you to feel more like an author rather than a passive spectator. The process of telling your story is as important as the content. You will leave this workshop with a greater sense of awareness of how you portray yourself and what you invoke in other people in relationship to you. This may be your catalyst to change your story and tell it afresh.

Enhancing communication skills

Effective communication is not a given in every human interaction. Some people find it easy to meander through conversations with grace and confidence. Others may ask themselves questions such as: ‘Am I saying the right thing?’, ‘How should I react?’ or ‘What does this person really mean?’

This workshop will lay solid foundations for understanding the subtle nature of communication. You will have an opportunity to acquire some basic Transactional Analysis ideas and put them into practice. We will take a closer look at what happens among the participants at the psychological level and how this impacts the whole group dynamics. This session will also cover our internal communication patters. We don’t usually think about it and yet our mental chatter is equally important in creating the outcomes of our communication in the world. Finally, we will concentrate on strengthening your own style that allows you to express yourself freely and naturally. As a result you will become more aware of what you bring into a situation simply through your presence.

Diversity awareness in conflict resolution

Working or learning in a diverse environment can be at times difficult and challenging, but also interesting. This may engage us in powerful reflection provided that we have the courage to ‘sit in the fire’ in order to grow individually and create a sense of community with those around us. This is a journey that is not for the faint hearted. That’s why we are here. We don’t just mean facilitators, but everybody in this room, in this organisation, in this city and your personal family and the family of humanity.

We would like to propose a workshop that aims raising awareness around cultural and individual differences and how they impact our relationships. We will work experientially which entails some theory and practice that will equip the participants with confidence to deal with conflict and diversity in a constructive way.

Day to day communication may disempower us and take us away from our freedom of choice. This freedom can in fact create autonomy and lead to greater emotional maturity and security. Conflict work requires people to have these qualities and the ability to hold the difficulties so that everyone can become proactive in finding solutions that are good enough.