Peter Jusik

Coaching and Counselling

Flow is about being who you are.


Peter is the only person I know who remains unsurprised when I make a breakthrough.  Each week I internalise a little more of Peter and combine this with the new parts of me he has helped me find.  Peter has introduced me to myself – the silent part of me – not my thoughts but the shadows behind which lie the structures of my psyche – underused, undervalued, underdeveloped, disorganised, often completely buried. Peter is gentle, tough, perspicacious, honest, kind, wise beyond belief and has an unerringly accurate memory.  With these tools, Peter has been cultivating my psyche.  But Peter is not a modern gardener:  he is the psyche’s answer to Capability Brown – with Peter the only limits are the horizon of the imagination.  I could end here but I want to say that it is tremendously exciting, meeting myself through Peter. I am learning to hold onto the new parts of myself through the new challenges I set myself at work and through being reminded of my discoveries about myself by Peter. Peter makes me feel, even in my dullest moments, like a fascinating novel with which he has an interactive relationship – a novel that can not fail to be interesting, unpredictable and, occasionally, filled with applause from within the shadows of my psyche.   Each day is real and alive now – no more armchair rehearsals starring an imaginary super-self, no more directionless TV.  I should say that I feel tremendously grateful to Peter but I don’t feel like that about him at all – just very lucky and very glad that he is still chumming me on my path and, in so doing, lighting the way ahead with the pureness of his self.

Testimonial to Peter Jusik – freely and enthusiastically given by Esther de Burgh-Thomas, founder of Dyslexia Voice Techniques and future author of the e-book also entitled Dyslexia Voice Techniques.