Peter Jusik

Coaching and Counselling

Flow is about being who you are.


I offer support and development in the following areas.

Career coaching

Perhaps there are many conflicting messages in your head…? You may be unclear about what you would like to do or simply tired of what you are currently doing. Yes, this is the cliché of ‘being stuck’. One way of looking at yourself may involve taking a big step back and evaluating where you’re at now. Coaching can reveal the right perspective and make meaning of the present. I do not believe in miracle solutions, rather I help you find the choices which stem from a greater understanding of who you are. This way you uncover a sense of direction and the ability to cope more effectively with what you need to change… or perhaps accept the current state of affairs as a natural stage which will lead you to something greater than the present.

Work transition support

What is your current professional role about? How do you feel inhabiting this current position? These may be some of the starting points that lead to the preparation for transition. We all have a natural ability to grow and develop. Your transition process may have its pitfalls, challenges and hidden opportunities for learning. Coaching supports you in this difficult period and encourages you to develop a well-founded sense of potency in your role.

Confidence building

Are you feeling 100% confident about yourself? Well, perfection by definition cannot be achieved, but 90% is better than 40%. I look at self-confidence as your ability to relate to yourself. The ability to recognise your needs and assert yourself will be mirrored through your relationship with the world. My coaching is an invitation to claim your space and feel good about who you are. There may be some changes that you would like to introduce. If they reflect your natural way of doing things it means we are on the right track to discovering your source of self-confidence and fulfilment.

Youth coaching

I have worked extensively with young people for over 10 years. Sometimes they require greater clarity about their educational and life goals. I work with them to explore the direction in which they are heading and assess the options they wish to pursue. Coaching can be a powerful tool for teenagers and young adults to help them to decide about their future.

Teacher coaching

I have taught and trained in the UK, France, Poland Ukraine and Mexico. It was a privilege to come across students of all ages and from all walks of life. My current role is teaching challenging students who have been excluded from a mainstream setting.

Teachers and trainers may find it very difficult at the beginning to relate effectively to a group of learners. Students may appear to know your weak points and somehow manage to put you on the edge. Teacher coaching is an opportunity to enhance your relationship skills with the group. You can raise your awareness of group dynamics and the way they affect you in particular. It is about creating a thinking space where everybody can be a winner and achieve. And above all, it’s about you enjoying the role of a leader who knows how to motivate your class and help them reach their full potential.

Communication and interpersonal skills coaching

Have you ever had an ineffective conversation after which you asked yourself: ‘What was this about and why does it always happen to me?’ Probably you have been involved in a game which did not help the situation. Coaching helps people to understand their role in co-creating communication and knowing how to maintain healthy boundaries. You will gain a deeper sense of what is being said and more importantly of what is not being said and yet has an impact on the outcome of communication. From that point on you have the choice of shaping your relationships in a way that enhances your satisfaction and well-being.

Presentation skills

Some people are good at it and some dread it. You don’t have to love it, but it may be important for you to feel more at ease with it. Are you familiar with your own style? Is it more visual-or auditory? My coaching is a chance to discover what’s holding you back and how you can overcome the obstacles on your way to developing your presentation skills. I am interested in your individual style. We can embark on a journey of looking for the qualities that your presence brings to a presentation and how you can make it flow more naturally.
In my daily practice I face an audience that is very good at giving feedback. If for a minute I fail to engage the group they may swear and shout at me or simply leave the classroom describing my presentation in quite derogatory terms. This taught me how to effectively engage my public and maintain their focus.