Piotr Jusik

Coaching & Counselling

Flow is about being who you are.


My name is Piotr Jusik. I work as a counsellor, coach, teacher, trainer and facilitator. I started working with people over ten years ago as a special education teacher supporting challenging students excluded from mainstream schools. Since my teenage years I was curious about psychology, so I trained in Transactional Analysis Counselling and in Leadership and Executive Coaching. Travelling and getting to know other cultures has always been very important to me. I taught, trained and coached in the UK and overseas (France, Poland, Ukraine, Mexico and Guatemala). This was, and still is, a great adventure and a great privilege. Education is my special interest because I love learning. When coaching or counselling, I bring my perspective gained from studying in the UK, France and Poland. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Polish and can work in all four languages. Currently, I have a coaching and counselling practice and run workshops. My clients usually come from all walks of life and I accompany them in finding their flow. Apart from work, I enjoy travelling, languages, cycling and cooking.